Pell Grant Age Requirements

Students of all ages are eligible to apply for the Pell Grant.  As long as the student is pursuing their first bachelor’s degree or a graduate teaching credential then they may be eligible for a Pell Grant.   The Pell Grant is a great option for additional financial aid, since all Pell Grant funds do not have to be repaid back to the federal government.  Pell Grant funds can be used towards any school tuition, school fees, or any other related school expenses.

Students interested in the Pell Grant must complete and submit the FAFSA.  It is encouraged that the applicant complete the application online, but students can also complete the application through paper form.  The FAFSA takes into factor the applicant’s income, assets, cost of attendance, and number of dependants the applicant supports. 
Applicants considered low-income and have a financial need will qualify to receive a Pell Grant.  An EFC (Expected Family Contribution) score is given to students that have fully completed the FAFSA and is found with the applicant’s SAR (Student Aid Report).  The EFC score will determine if a student is eligible for a Pell Grant.  The lower the EFC score, the greater the chances are that the student will receive a Pell Grant award.  Students that have an EFC score of zero will receive the maximum Pell Grant award amount.

An applicant’s age does not have any factor when determining their Pell Grant eligibility.  As long as the applicant is considered low-income, has a qualify EFC score, pursuing their first undergraduate degree or graduate teaching credential then they are eligible to receive a Pell Grant. 
Pell Grant Requirements